America’s Beauty Show 2014

This year I had the opportunity to go to America’s Beauty Show held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Obviously as a beauty school student and beauty blogger, this place was absolute heaven to me. The presentations were amazing to watch, not to mention the shopping, hello! I’ve never seen greater deals in my life. Definitely spent way more than I intended to, but isn’t that always the case? Here’s what I picked up.

Time to ramble.. Are you ready?

Pureology had a 3 for $33 deal. I decided to try out a product from their new line, Strength Cure, so I picked up the shampoo. I’m not too fond of the smell, it’s reminiscent of baby powder and I’m not too big of a fan. However, my best friend has been using both the shampoo and conditioner and loves it. She says it’s working wonders on her hair and she’s a blondie, so that’s when you know it’s a goodie. I already currently use their Hydrate line, both shampoo and conditioner, so I picked up the conditioner. Also took the plunge and bought Colour Fanatic, their 21 benefit spray. It only took me MONTHS, even though I do use it on my clients and already know I love the heck out of it.

I ended up buying the most from NYX because most, if not all of their products were under 6 dollars which is a steal for a brand that is already retailing all of their products for below $20. I circled their booth probably 10 times and by the time I was in line to purchase all my items, I forgot most of what I picked up. It was a frenzy. It was probably the most crowded booth I visited. I picked up 2 pairs of lashes, both of them for $2.50, 2 matte lipsticks: Siren and Aira, a stippling brush and a round crease brush, the Wonder pencil, Jet Black liquid liner, and eyelash glue that dries dark. Not too shabby for 33 dollars.

Essie had a 6 for $21 deal, how could I pass that up? I picked up their all-in-one base coat, top coat, and strengthener which my poor brittle nails definitely need due to the constant washing my hands (#hairstylistprobs). The other nail polishes I picked up were For The Twill of It, Find Me An Oasis, Spin The Bottle, Mink Muffs, and Sable Collar. I tried to get mostly colours I don’t already have that are similar aka I didn’t buy any nail polish that’s so dark it could be mistaken for black.

Of course, as a self-proclaimed lash addict, I had to stop by the Ardell booth. Each pair was $3 dollars so I got two pairs of Double Up lashes and one pair of Demi Wispies. Including the two from NYX, I came to a total of 5 pairs of lashes. Should I mention I just bought 2 pairs the day before?

I only snapped a few pictures as I was mostly browsing all the vendors and didn’t want to waste any battery since I ended up being there most of the day.











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