Hey y’all.

I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking on this blog! I promise y’all I’ve got lots of blog content planned the next couple of weeks. I’ve hit a funk, but I think it’s almost over! I’m slowly getting more and more creative with what posts I want to make and so on. My trip to the Philippines is coming very soon, and by soon, I mean I leave Friday morning lol. I will be in the Philippines for 2 weeks and I am planning on vlogging as much as I can! It’ll be a jam packed two weeks as my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend are coming along for the trip and they both have never been. Normally, my family goes for a whole month, but now that my sister and I are both out of school and are working, it’s just not possible anymore so we’re fitting in a month’s worth of vacation into two weeks instead! We’re going to be staying in Boracay for three days while we’re there as well and we’ve never been before so I’m super excited! Boracay is THE destination in the Philippines, with its’ white sand beaches and great nightlife. I’m so hyped. Not only that, but one of my cousins is getting married and everyone is a part of the wedding party! We’ve had this vacation planned since pretty much November and it’s so mind-blowing to me that it begins in just a couple of days! So the past couple of days of preparing and packing and such has been nuts. I’m totally stressed about it, but I am so anxious to just hop on that plane and be all the way across the world in warm, sunny weather. In fact.. I should be getting some packing done right now, haha.


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