I ❤️ Boracay part 2 


For our third and last full day in Boracay, we did some island hopping. We were picked up from our hotel by our guide, hitched a ride to another part of the island, walked out to the beach, hopped onto a boat, and then set sail! Of course, we took a billion pictures. It just felt so surreal to be in such a beautiful place. One of the first things we did is stop not too far from where we would be buying the ingredients for our lunch and we got to do some swimming which was pretty cool. We rented some goggles from our guide and got to see some of the fish swimming around our feet below us. I so wish I got pictures, but something that some of the locals like to do is get on a paddleboat and ride out to where all the island hopping boats are stationed while everyone is swimming and sell coconut water, ice cream, etc. This guy had a whole set up with coconuts and my mom bought us all some fresh coconut water. The guy even cuts the coconuts for you himself. I’ve never seen that before in my life!                  

After swimming, we dropped the boys off to do some cliff diving, which we didn’t get footage of either 😦 but they loved it which is all that matters. Once they were finished, we picked them up and went to another nearby island where we grabbed some lunch, cooked by locals of course. We had squid, grilled fish, sinigang, rice,  and to top it all off, some fresh cut watermelon.    

When we were finished with lunch, we did a little bit of lounging around and swimming, and then we set sail back to the main island which was an hour long trip. No one said a word, it was like everyone was so at peace and we were just taking in our surroundings and the beauty around us. Also, we were kinda tired. Haha. My parents and my sister opted to stay back at the hotel to get some rest, while Uriel, my sister’s boyfriend, my cousin, and I decided to head over to the D’Talipapa which is an open marketplace full of shops and an actually wet market with fresh seafood. We took it as an opportunity to grab a couple of souvenirs and Uriel actually needed a shirt for himself because he only brought 2 lol.   

On the way back, we decided to stop by Jonah’s Fruitshakes as they are known to have some of the best fruit shakes on the entire island. I forgot what exactly I got, but I do know it had mango in it and it was delicious. Since Jonah’s was just down the way from our hotel, we walked along the beach on the way back just as the sun was starting to set.               

For dinner, we went to a restaurant that recently opened called Boracay Toliet… I know, it sounds terrible, haha, but it was pretty funny. It’s a toilet themed restaurant complete with bathtubs for tables, toilets for seats, and cleverly named entrees. Everything was served in a little mini toilet, even a pitcher of iced tea was a mini toilet!  

The next morning, we had breakfast and I swear I almost cried thinking about how it was my last time having such an amazing view. We spent our last morning on the beach. A storm was supposed to roll in early afternoon so the waves were crazy. Since the rest of my family missed out on Jonah’s, we decided to stroll down the beach once more and grab some more shakes. This time, I picked a chocolate peanut butter and banana shake. Of course, it was amazing. Uriel picked out something with rum.. because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? And just like that, we were out of there and back to Manila.

I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place with my family and the love of my life. I can’t wait to come back.

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