If you know me, you know for a not-so-brief period in time, I was quite fond of One Direction. Actually I’m still in love with One Direction.. Just not as much as I was in 2012 (my fellow 1D Fans know that was the best time to be in love with One Direction, am I right?!). I swear this ties into the topic. The boys, particularly Niall Horan, are big fans of Nandos Peri-Peri. Within the past couple of months, they’ve managed to open, not just one location in Chicago, but two and I’ve been absolutely dying to go. So since Uriel and I were going to be heading down there to see one of his friends perform, I couldn’t wait any longer! 


I thought the decor was warm and inviting and definitely reminiscent of their African roots. They also had tons of art on the walls and I thought that was a great touch.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nandos, their big ticket item is chicken. Portuguese flame-grilled chicken, that is, and honey, I love me some flame-grilled chicken. They marinade their chicken for 24 hours and then it’s basted and cooked with the Peri-Peri sauce of your choice! You can choose Plain-ish, Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime, Medium, Hot, or Extra Hot. Each sauce being more spicy than the one before it. So basically, you walk in, they give you a table number, you walk up to the cashiers and order and then they bring it to your table. Uriel could eat a sandwich for every meal, every day of his life so he went with their Chicken Breast sandwich with Medium Peri-Peri sauce. On the other hand, I wanted the true experience and went with an order of a 1/2 chicken with Lemon & Herb Peri-Peri sauce with a side of chips/fries.


I didn’t even bother using any utensils, I dug right in there with my hands. THANK GOD FOR THAT 24 HOUR MARINADE because this chicken is, hands down, the juicest chicken I’ve ever had! The sauces definitely give tons of flavor, but it’s not too overwhelming. Uriel loved his sandwich and ate every last bit off his plate, he even had some of my chicken haha.

Turns out, the show had a last minute change of venue. The original venue, Jerry’s Sandwiches closed to catch the Grateful Dead’s last show at Soldier Field which is slightly understandable considering the place is named after Jerry Garcia, haha. On the plus side, the new venue ended up being five minutes down the road.

So after some last minute issues, the show started off with the Hacky Turtles who did an acoustic cover of Planes by Jeremih and I was so in love with it, I wish I had a studio version of it. A couple more people performed and then, finally Charmz Valkom (our whole reason for going lol) performed. It was actually the first time I heard any of his new stuff. Take a listen to his new EP titled Alluded on soundcloud here. Uriel actually designed his cover and it’s probably one of my favourite covers he’s done yet.

BY THE WAY, I vlogged ALL of it! Say what?! Yeah.. I do that now. Check it out down below! Don’t forget to subscribe pretty please with a cherry on top, it would be much appreciated! And ya know, thumbs up the video that’d be cool too 😉

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    • I am obsessed! I can’t wait for the next opportunity to go again as it’s about an hour away from me unfortunately. The people next to us actually got a full platter with a whole chicken lol talk about intimidating.

      Thanks for the love 🙂

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