Monday through Wednesday, at 4:30PM until 5:30PM is happy hour at one of my favourite nearby sushi places, Sushi Thai. All rolls of sushi except for 2 (the Stanley Cup roll and the Chicago Bears roll, I believe) are half off, which is a damn good deal. This past Tuesday, I brought along Uriel and Uriel’s little sister, Isabel.

Isabel’s cool Japanese soda glass! She collects these.

As you can tell, Sushi Thai has a pretty extensive list in general and the sushi list is definitely no exception! While they have your typical Eel and Shrimp Tempura rolls, what I love about them is that they have “themed” rolls like the ones I mentioned earlier. They’re named after anything from local towns to the local professional sports teams, they even have one named after the mascot of the local high school!

  Vernon Hills Roll, my choice Playboy roll, Uriel’s choice
  Orange Dragon roll, Isabel’s choice

You can’t tell by the pictures, but Uriel’s roll was actually gigantic! He couldn’t even eat a piece whole lol. My roll alone at full price was more than half of what our bill in total ended up being for 3 rolls. So everyone left satisfied and with a full tummy!

Are you a sushi fan? Where is your favourite place to get some sushi?

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