Saturday, August 8th, is my 21st birthday. Wow. To say that I’m weirded out about it is an understatement lol. When I was 16, I thought this day would NEVER come. Yet here I am.. 21 years old in a couple of days. Soooo weird.

SO ANYWAY, here’s a list of lessons I’ve come across during my lengthy 21 years of life. They may not be anything new or amazing or poetically deep, but they’ve definitely been life changing. At least for me (obviously).

  1. It’s ok if you don’t look like everyone else.
  2. You don’t have to have your whole life figured out by the time you’re 18.
  3. Don’t think for a second that nobody loves you.
  4. Most of the cute boys in high school that pay no attention to you become sleazy after graduation.
  5. YOU NEED YOUR GIRL FRIENDS. None of that girls are too much drama bullshit. Some things dudes don’t get.
  6. Life never goes as planned.
  7. Being optimistic is actually really hard… but actually really worth it.
  8. Never burn any bridges. The more connections you have in general, the better.
  9. If there’s only one thing you can do, do your eyebrows.
  10. Dream big, but be realistic. You’re not gonna magically be successful in 3 days.
  11. People in your life will leave. No drama, no bad feelings.
  12. Nobody else is gonna make your life better for you. Only you have that power.
  13. Know who you are on your own. Don’t let being in a relationship define who you are. There’s more to yourself than that.
  14. The people you surround yourself with really does have an impact on your life.
  15. Friendship is a two way street. When there’s effort put in, there needs to be effort received.
  16. It’s exhausting to care so much about someone that doesn’t give a damn about you.
  17. 6 shots of tequila is most likely a very bad idea.
  18. “Just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on”.
  19. Say yes.
  20. Your body will look different at 20 than it did at 15. It’s alright. Do you boo boo.
  21.  As long as you’re trying to be the very best person you could ever be, God loves you and he accepts you and he will always be there to guide the way. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you that your relationship with Him is fake just because you don’t live exactly word for word by the book. Your relationship is special and very real.

If you asked me 5 years ago where I’d be, it’s definitely not where I am right now. There’s so much in life I still have yet to do.. but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I would be nothing without the love and support of my family and friends in everything I do. I love you guys and I swear I’ll make ya’ll proud of me.


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