If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?), you might know that I started a new job and I have to leave my house by 6AM every morning. Being the unprepared mess that I am in the mornings (and ONLY in the mornings… I’m borderline neurotic about being prepared 75% of the time) I almost never wake up early enough to grab breakfast. So what did I do? I went to Einstein Bros’ Bagels almost every morning for a Berry Goodbess bagel topper.  

Alright, well obviously it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to make your own bagel topper and when I realized I was being set back 4 dollars every morning, I decided to stop being a hot mess (alright, not completely, but we’ll get there). ANYWAY.. here’s how to make your own downright delicious Berry Goodness bagel topper:

  • Bagel (duh) I use whole wheat bagel thins! I find that with all the toppings, I get pretty full already. 
  • Einstein Bros’ Strawberry Shmear 
  • Bear Naked Honey Almond granola 
  • Madhava Organic Honey 
  • Cut up Strawberries or any fruit you desire. I used a banana as I didn’t have any strawberries. 

This is something that you can easily make your own as you can come up with tons of different yummy options! 

Can we talk about this Madhava Organic Honey though? Honestly, I hate honey, especially that regular kind that comes in your standard teddy bear bottle. I don’t know what it is, but the taste grosses me out. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of artificial sweetener. Whatever it is, it’s nasty. I’ve found though that with organic honey, I like the taste a lot better and I definitely LOVE this honey. 

What’s your go-to breakfast?

Thanks for reading! Until next time,



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