If you know me, you know for a not-so-brief period in time, I was quite fond of One Direction. Actually I’m still in love with One Direction.. Just not as much as I was in 2012 (my fellow 1D Fans know that was the best time to be in love with One Direction, am I right?!). I swear this ties into the topic. The boys, particularly Niall Horan, are big fans of Nandos Peri-Peri. Within the past couple of months, they’ve managed to open, not just one location in Chicago, but two and I’ve been absolutely dying to go. So since Uriel and I were going to be heading down there to see one of his friends perform, I couldn’t wait any longer!  Continue reading


I ❤️ Boracay Part 1 

I’ve been to the Philippines several times now over the years, but have never been to Boracay until now. I’ve always been obsessed with the thought, but never figured it would be a reality. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to visit!

My family and I made it into Manila on May 17th very, very early in the morning and our flight to Boracay was supposed to be around 10AM. Wrong. After getting some rest at my Aunt’s house, we headed back to the airport to check-in for our flight, only to find out it had been delayed 4 hours. After getting all settled, grabbing a bite to eat, it’s almost time to board our flight so we head to our gate. And then our flight gets delayed another 2 hours. At this point, we had been traveling for pretty much 2 days straight and we were all just over it lol. Around 5, we finally get to take off and thankfully, it’s only an hour plane ride. We had made it just in time for our very first Boracay sunset.

Waiting in line get back into the airport

how cute is he 😍

the boat ride to the island!

my first Boracay sunset and it didn’t disappoint

That first night, we just hung out around the hotel and got some much needed rest!

The next morning, we got up early and headed down to breakfast and to take a morning swim.

    After relaxing at the beach and taking in our beautiful surroundings, we headed over to another part of the island to go “fly fishing” and no, I don’t mean catching fish.

Fly fishing is when you get on one of these terrifying piece of shits pulled by a jet boat. Let’s just say miraculously, I never fell off, but everyone else did. I wish I got footage, but Uriel forgot the water proof casing for the GoPro. I’m sure it would’ve been hilarious! Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel for, you guessed it, more rest haha.

Later that night, we decided to head over to Spider Club and have a couple of drinks as the sun set.


Beer of choice the entire trip lol

golden hour selfies with hubby

And that’s a wrap for the first 24 hours in Boracay! Successful if you don’t count the 2 delays for our flight lol. Stay tuned for the next post!

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Hey y’all.

I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking on this blog! I promise y’all I’ve got lots of blog content planned the next couple of weeks. I’ve hit a funk, but I think it’s almost over! I’m slowly getting more and more creative with what posts I want to make and so on. My trip to the Philippines is coming very soon, and by soon, I mean I leave Friday morning lol. I will be in the Philippines for 2 weeks and I am planning on vlogging as much as I can! It’ll be a jam packed two weeks as my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend are coming along for the trip and they both have never been. Normally, my family goes for a whole month, but now that my sister and I are both out of school and are working, it’s just not possible anymore so we’re fitting in a month’s worth of vacation into two weeks instead! We’re going to be staying in Boracay for three days while we’re there as well and we’ve never been before so I’m super excited! Boracay is THE destination in the Philippines, with its’ white sand beaches and great nightlife. I’m so hyped. Not only that, but one of my cousins is getting married and everyone is a part of the wedding party! We’ve had this vacation planned since pretty much November and it’s so mind-blowing to me that it begins in just a couple of days! So the past couple of days of preparing and packing and such has been nuts. I’m totally stressed about it, but I am so anxious to just hop on that plane and be all the way across the world in warm, sunny weather. In fact.. I should be getting some packing done right now, haha.


I went to America’s Beauty Show earlier today at McCormick Place in Chicago for a lil inspiration and a lil of shopping and ran into just the co-founder of Paul Mitchell ( AND Patrón tequila) yall, no big deal. *SCREAMING INTERNALLY* Paul Mitchell is such an amazing company and JP is such an inspiration to me!