After being in Manila for a couple of days, we drove up to La Union, where my mom is from. One of my favorite things about being in the province is that it’s just absolutely beautiful. I live in the Midwest and it’s flatland everywhere I look, so being surrounded by mountains is a dream come true. 

Second on my list of favorite things is Halo Halo de Iloko. What is halo halo, you ask? Halo halo is a popular Filipino dessert that consists of shaved ice, evaporated milk, and various sweet beans, jellies, and fruits. The topping combinations are endless and can contain anything from jackfruit and coconut to purple yam (ube) and leche flan. I like to describe halo halo as a poor man’s dessert. It’s basically throwing in whatever you got at the time and whatever you think would taste good. The possibilities are endless! One of the best places, if not the very best, to get halo halo is Halo Halo de Iloko in San Fernando City, La Union. They have everything from traditional halo halo to halo halo in a coconut to deep-fried halo halo! It’s a very popular destination that even celebrities stop by frequently to get their fill. 


And, of course, I got deep fried halo halo. It was basically the ingredients, minus the shaved ice and evaporated milk, in a deep fried lil roll with a topping of ube ice cream! Absolutely to die for!  


Uriel, on the other hand, wanted to get the full experience. Well.. wanted him to get the full experience lol. So he got halo halo in a coconut! Which he devoured, by the way 😏

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I ❤️ Boracay Part 1 

I’ve been to the Philippines several times now over the years, but have never been to Boracay until now. I’ve always been obsessed with the thought, but never figured it would be a reality. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to visit!

My family and I made it into Manila on May 17th very, very early in the morning and our flight to Boracay was supposed to be around 10AM. Wrong. After getting some rest at my Aunt’s house, we headed back to the airport to check-in for our flight, only to find out it had been delayed 4 hours. After getting all settled, grabbing a bite to eat, it’s almost time to board our flight so we head to our gate. And then our flight gets delayed another 2 hours. At this point, we had been traveling for pretty much 2 days straight and we were all just over it lol. Around 5, we finally get to take off and thankfully, it’s only an hour plane ride. We had made it just in time for our very first Boracay sunset.

Waiting in line get back into the airport

how cute is he 😍

the boat ride to the island!

my first Boracay sunset and it didn’t disappoint

That first night, we just hung out around the hotel and got some much needed rest!

The next morning, we got up early and headed down to breakfast and to take a morning swim.

    After relaxing at the beach and taking in our beautiful surroundings, we headed over to another part of the island to go “fly fishing” and no, I don’t mean catching fish.

Fly fishing is when you get on one of these terrifying piece of shits pulled by a jet boat. Let’s just say miraculously, I never fell off, but everyone else did. I wish I got footage, but Uriel forgot the water proof casing for the GoPro. I’m sure it would’ve been hilarious! Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel for, you guessed it, more rest haha.

Later that night, we decided to head over to Spider Club and have a couple of drinks as the sun set.


Beer of choice the entire trip lol

golden hour selfies with hubby

And that’s a wrap for the first 24 hours in Boracay! Successful if you don’t count the 2 delays for our flight lol. Stay tuned for the next post!

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Travel Skincare

Travel Skincare
In a couple of days, I will be on a very long flight (14 hours) to the Philippines and from past experiences, I know that the dry, recycled air on planes wrecks absolute havoc on my entire body. I get stuffy, I get fatigued, and my skin is just on a whole other level.
My skin has gone through some major changes in the past almost 2 years and so for the past couple of months, I’ve been on a pretty strict skincare routine to try and gain some control over it and it’s been really working out for me. So the LAST thing I want is to send my skin back into a downward spiral! My goal was to find a skincare routine for the actual flight, that was minimal and allowed me to keep my skin fresh without actually having to use the water on the plane because let’s face it, airplane bathrooms get gross real quick on long flights and I’m trying to limit my time in them lol.
I will be wearing light makeup for blogging and vlogging purposes between flights so it was important for me to find wipes that would be able to take off at least most of my makeup without leaving that gross oily/greasy feel on the face that some makeup wipes tend to give you. I’ve been using these Neutrogena Natural purifying makeup wipes for the past couple of weeks on a recommendation I get and I love them! They do exactly what I’m looking for, they smell great, and even better: they’re natural!
Next up are sheet masks, I bought the antioxidant one from Karuna that’s meant to replenish and protect your skin. It also has hyaluronic acid which is SO moisturizing and as soon as I saw that as one of the ingredients, it was like yes, yes, yes, I’m buying this. The other one I picked up was by When and it’s their travelmate mask, I plan on using this one on the flight back, and it’s meant to restore your skin. I’m excited to use both of these!
I’ve been meaning to pick up and try out the b6 complexion spray from Urban Decay since it first came out. It claims to reduce redness and minimize pores among other things. It’s also supposed to soothe your skin which is why I decided it could be handy on the flight.
Next two items are the Sonia Kashuk Radiant Face oil and Ole Henriksen’s Truth Revealed super creme with SPF. I’ve been using both already and I think they’ve both been really amazing. I didn’t have super high expectations of the face oil because at the end of the day, it is a drugstore brand. I was super surprised to see how much my skin just loves this stuff! I have a bit of acne scarring on my cheeks and while my super creme has been helping with that because of the vitamin C, the face oil from SK has really been helping as well! The oil is a combination of oils that I don’t know off the top of my head right now, but whayever they are, they’re working wonders all together. Not only has it helped with scarring, but the overall appearance of my skin is looking better. It’s definitely less dull that’s for sure!
I’m excited to see how these products all work together! Fingers crossed for my skin y’all.


This past December, Uriel and I had originally planned on driving out to Denver for New Years. He has family there and I have an obsession with mountains (I live in the freakin’ midwest). Unfortunately, we couldn’t make this happen. Literally the weekend after Christmas, we decided we were gonna make the drive up to Toronto instead.
We left home around 8pm the night before New Years Eve.. only thinking about trying to make it to Toronto as early as possible, only to be stuck in Dairy Queen parking lot at 2am, waiting for the ferry to Canada to open at 6am. After finally making it into Canada, we still had about 3 hours until we reached Toronto. I spent most of that asleep.

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